How do i backup File and Database from cpanel to Local (Home) Computer automatically using FTP, SSH or Any other?

June 22, 2016 2.6k views
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Recently I loosed my all files and database due to my server terminated by my friend by mistake , I don’t have backup for recent edited file and database and i don’t have time to take daily Backup of my file and database.

Do any solution to take daily (schedule) Backup of cpanel (Or) Server) files (FTP or SSH) and database (MySQL) to my local (Home) computer.

Let me know if anyone have a solution for it, I am really thanks full for it

1 Answer

If you have ssh access to your home directory then try rsync to backup files and folders to a local drive

I use rsync for files :

and Mysql-Workbench for database backups:

I’m running them manually as required at the moment. Just starting to automating it.

by Justin Ellingwood
Rsync is a simple tool for intelligently syncing local and remote directories. In this article we will explore the basic usage of this utility to copy files from directory to directory and from system to system.
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