How do I change images without losing IP address

November 25, 2019 169 views
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A week or two ago I had an issue where I wanted to switch a droplet from Ubuntu 18.04 to Debian 10. There was an issue with some Ubuntu stuff sticking around in Debian, and apt updates failed. I was then told that you shouldn’t change images/releases on an existing droplet.

If this is the case, how does one do the above switch while retaining the same IP address for software licensing or other issues?

I know there is the solution of using a floating IP for licenses and that could be moved between droplets, but the server still thinks it has another address.

1 Answer

Indeed you could do that with a floating IP. Also according to the official docs, a Droplet must have an anchor IP before you can assign a floating IP to it. Droplets created after October 20, 2015 automatically have an anchor IP. So you would basically kind of have 2 IPs assigned to your droplet.

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