How do I change my WordPress admin log URL from ip/wp-admin to

January 14, 2017 2.5k views
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I’ve set up Wordpress in a Digital Ocen droplet.

I’m trying set up an SMTP WordPress plugin in order to send emails via Gmail. Specifically, I’m trying to set up

and I’m following this guide

When I navigate in my browser to I go to my site, and the URL in the browser shows as

However, when I then navigate to the wp-admin ( and log in, the URL in the browser gets changed to IP address/wp-admin.

Then when I set up the plugin and “Create a new web application and set its Authorised Redirect URL to the one shown on this page” (the first step in the process) I get the following error message in Google

Invalid Redirect: http://IP Address/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=gmail-smtp-settings&action=oauth_grant must end with a public top-level domain (such as .com or .org).

If anyone has a good idea on how to change my WordPress wp-admin log in URL to show my domain name instead would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

2 Answers

What is your WordPress and Home URL? Both should match your domain and you can check it by logging in to WP Admin, going to Settings -> General. There you can find both Home and WordPress url.

Thank you xMudrii - this worked perfectly!

I can’t believe I overlooked something so simple…

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