How do i check my monthly bandwidth usage

October 24, 2016 5.7k views

Since I have 1TB of bandwidth per month, how do I check how much I have used?

1 Answer

you cant. and since DO didnt started to charge for over usage of bandwidth, you don need to.

  • Okay. I honestly have no idea how much I will use, so if I happened to use like 5TB I won't get smacked with a major bill?

    • dont worry, they wont charge for over usage unless they add bandwidth monitor in DO control panel.

      but if you still want to know how much is your bandwidth usage, check this link below
      Check remaining bandwidth

      • Thanks! I don't want to go over so ill be sure to use that

        • Hi! You don't have to worry about going over the bandwidth limit right now as we still have not started charging for bandwidth yet. You can definitely still use vnstat to monitor your bandwidth usage, though.

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