How do i check my monthly bandwidth usage

October 24, 2016 15k views

Since I have 1TB of bandwidth per month, how do I check how much I have used?

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you cant. and since DO didnt started to charge for over usage of bandwidth, you don need to.

  • Okay. I honestly have no idea how much I will use, so if I happened to use like 5TB I won't get smacked with a major bill?

@kamaln7 Can you confirm that bandwidth is still not charged? Under billing, I can see a meter up to 2TB with this message:

"Outbound data transfer is shared between your Droplets each billing cycle. If the outbound transfer exceeds the amount included with your Droplets at end of the cycle, you will be charged $0.01 per excess gigabyte."

Screenshot of panel

You mentioned in your reply to shayanaryan on April 10th, 2018, that, "We are still not charging for bandwidth," and I want to make sure you still aren't.

I opened up a $10 droplet because of the 2TB transfer, and if it's still not charged, I want to get mine moved down to a $5 droplet.

  • Hi @DarkSwordsman!

    We are now charging for bandwidth transfer excess. We announced changes to Droplet bandwidth billing on April 24 and they were put into effect on July 1.

    You can find the latest documentation on bandwidth billing on this page. You might also find the Release Notes page useful.

    • Okay. Is there any chance we can see an update to add this info to the main statistics page? It would be nice to have it there instead of out of sight, out of mind.

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