How do I configure a droplet to make Ruby on Rails and WordPress co-exist?

December 6, 2015 5.4k views
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I’d like to launch a Ruby on Rails Website with WordPress blog on the same domain. Ruby on Rails will occupy the top-level domain (i.e. <domain_name>.com) while WordPress will reside at a subdomain (i.e. blog.<domain_name>) or subdirectory (i.e. <domain_name>/blog)

How do I configure a VPS / droplet to make this deployment work? Which server specs do I choose?


  • It largely depends on your architecture. What HTTP server are you currently using for your rails/wordpress applications? Database? Is all this going to reside on the same server or are you going for a distributed setup? Depending on your technology choices, this could either be a relatively simple setup or a complex one.

  • Thanks for your reply! I apologize for my slow reply.

    I want something relatively simple.

    Server configuration: Same, but could be distributed
    HTTP Server: NGinx
    Database: PostGreSQL

1 Answer

I can’t give you an accurate answer (but 1GB should be enough to start).

Version 1

In NGINX you just need to create two Server Blocks.

Version 2

Download WordPress and rename the folder to blog.

by Justin Ellingwood
Nginx is an incredibly powerful web server and reverse proxy. In this guide, we'll discuss how to set up server blocks on Ubuntu 14.04 in order to server multiple domains from a single server.
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