How do I configure prometheus to monitor a tomcat instance on a remote server?

May 22, 2017 11.1k views
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I have my prometheus monitoring itself like the tutorial which is cute but not very useful.

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  • do I need to install node_exporter on each system being monitored? (the prometheus docs are unclear)

    then in the prometheus.yml - when I add a target will it should up as running?

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This is the first time I’ve actually tested Prometheus on my end, though from doing a few quick tests on 4x Droplets, each Droplet you wish to monitor will need node_exporter for the basics.

There are other options (i.e. exporters) here:

..though none of them specifically target Tomcat. I did, however, find this:

…which you may want to check out.

thanks for the reply, I have been taking a look at node_exporter but it doesn’t seem to run…

prometheus seems to come with its own local node_exporter which seems to record and display stats from my local prometheus server only (localhost:9090)

if I understand this, it looks like the exporter needs to be running on the remote hosts and then prometheus can tap into this after configuring the node in the .yml file.

after installing the exporter, and assuming no errors one should have localhost:9100/metrics

has anyone had any success getting the /metrics to run for remote hosts?

thank you,

Shameless plug: tomcat_exporter

It is an exporter specifically for Tomcat related metrics and an alternative for the jmxexporter. The nodeexporter is more for linux host related metrics.

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