How do i connect postgresql db from visual studio 2019 ?

November 16, 2019 242 views
DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database PostgreSQL

hi everyone , here’s what i’ve been trying :
step#1 : sign in to DO , in the Database CLuster, select Connection Details .
step#2 : in Visual Studio 19 , Tools > Connect to Database > Change Data source to PostgresSQL
step#3 : fill in the fields (SSL mode = Require)
step#4 : Test connection

so far, what im getting is 28P01 : Password authentication failed for user ‘xxxxx’

Anyone can help me?


1 Answer

Hi @menarsikya,

From the error you are getting it would seem the password you are using is incorrect. Please make sure you are using the PostgreSQL user with it’s proper password.

Despite that, it does seem like you can connect to the server and everything. As soon as you’ve placed the proper password, everything should be working as expected.


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