How do I consume my REST endpoint through a proxy?

October 6, 2019 67 views
Java API


I have deployed a Java SpringBoot application on a droplet running Ubuntu. The application is running with the java -jar command. I’m able to call the exposed endpoint by making a get call to (ip address of the vm):(exposed port)/contextroot/helloworld.
From my personal computer this works fine while testing with Postman and results in the expected Json.
However, when I make the same call from my machine from work, it says the address cannot be found. My work machine is routing all traffic through a proxy.
What can I do to expose this REST endpoint properly? So machines with and without a proxy can consume it?

If any further details are needed, please ask!

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This sounds like your REST endpoint is already exposed properly, but what’s causing the issue is the local proxy setup.

I would recommend following the steps here from the official Postman website on how to configure Postman to work through a proxy:


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