How do I create a replicable droplet for my clients ?

July 25, 2016 1.5k views
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I am interested to create a Ready To Run droplet for my clients. The idea is an eCommerce solution using Woocommerce and my payment gateway.

Any way to “distribute” a droplet ?

1 Answer

Depending on your use case, there may be. Let me provide a couple examples.

1.) Your clients pay you each month for hosting their droplets within your account (or a team account). In this scenario you can set up a droplet with your configuration and then create a snapshot. You can then use this snapshot image (instead of a operating system or one-click image) to create new droplets.

2.) Your clients pay DigitalOcean for their hosting directly. - In this case you can create a snapshot and transfer it to another user’s account but this would have to be done for each client as the image is no longer left in your account once you transfer it.

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