how do I deploy a rails app

January 4, 2015 1.1k views

Hello Everyone hope you're ok..I'm sorry if my question is kind stupid I'm a newbie in rails I would like to know what is the best way to deploy a rails app??..I was reading some tutorials :

  • how to deploy a rails app with git and capistrano -How To Deploy a Rails App with Passenger and Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 -How To Deploy a Rails App with Passenger and Apache on Ubuntu 14.04..and others(because there are many) ..First I started by making the app in the server no problem the app worked. After that I uploaded an app that I made on local machine using capistrano 3 and tried to deploy using the same method but it didn't work I got a "Page Web not available" and if I try to enable the one I made in the server that one too doesn't work but couldn't find the really I need help...First I would like to know: -apache vs nginx which one is better? -and if I can get someone who can give me a small tutorial of how to do it or if there is another simple way to deploy it really will be happy..thank you.. NOT:using Ubuntu 14.04 32 bits,capistrano 3,apache2/nginx ,mysql and digitalocean server
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