How do I determine php vs. used in images prior to install?

April 1, 2014 1.1k views
I need to find the best OS that I can use which still uses php 5.3.x.... as a site I am moving will not yet work on 5.4 and I don't have the time to fix it prior to the move. Is there a way of finding out which images I should use?
1 Answer
You can find the versions of php including in various Ubuntu releases here:

Debian releases here:

and Fedora releases here:

So, both Debian 6 and Ubuntu 12.04 provide you with 5.3.x versions of php.

I don't know of a site that provides an overview of the packages in different versions of CentOS, but I do happen to know off hand that CentOS also provides php 5.3.3.

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