How do I do this? After you have installed the vsftp, registering a new user, the new user rights, including changing your home directory.

October 22, 2015 2.2k views
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Hi there.
I am being used for SFTP.

However, I need an FTP installation situation.
Because I now need the support of WordPress themes support.
They asked for an FTP account to me.

I made sure the man down.

I succeeded to the FTP installation, the connection has failed.

So any questions.
Question 1. I want to create a support account and password. (Ex: ftp account: support)
Question 2. I want to support the home directory of the account to / var / www / html.
Question 3. How do I set the permissions of the support account?
Question 4. I want to stop the FTP service when you do not need the help of specialists.

Thank you.

1 Answer

WordPress will only ask for FTP details if it finds that it does not have the permissions required to write a new theme of other file you are adding. This can be easily corrected. On Ubuntu, the user apache is run as is www-data so the files it needs to write require permissions allowing write access for that user. You can set this for your whole web root with the following command:

chown -Rf /var/www/html

After doing this, WordPress should no longer ask you for FTP credentials.

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