How do I enter a promo code? I went to billing but I did not see anywhere to enter one!

May 13, 2018 5.2k views
Billing DigitalOcean

I have entered promo codes before but every since the control panel update I have not been able to find out where to enter them.

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  • $100 credit for 2 months >>
    after click,you can see the message:
    💵 Free credit active: You have a $100, 60-day credit from a friend. Complete registration to get started.

    Finally, Sing-up and Happy deploying.

3 Answers

DO allows only 1 promo code per account.

So if you've already added one promo code, you cannot add another.

DO allows only 1 promo code per account.

but if you new member, you can get $100 for 2 month with my refferal code,

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  1. Use this link:
  2. You will be carried directly to the registration screen
  3. You will see this registration page

opera snapshot_2019-03-07_204612_www digitalocean com

  1. Activate your account using a real Credit card or a virtual cc (ie. neteller), or paypal

PS: If you don't see the banner stating the $100 credit, use another browser of clear cookies


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