How do I fix this error when deploying rails with capistrano, using nginx and puma?

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I’m attempting to deploy my rails app from a bitbucket repo using the following tutorial:

I have done everything in the tutorial, but when I get to deployment using “cap production deploy:initial”, I receive an error message. The deploy:install first pulls down the repo and sets up the capistrano stuff, but when it gets to bundling my gems, I get the following error:

DEBUG [1a250078] [31mAn error occurred while installing json (1.8.2), and Bundler cannot continue.
DEBUG [1a250078]
DEBUG [1a250078] Make sure that gem install json -v '1.8.2' succeeds before bundling.[0m
DEBUG [1a250078]

I have tried everything from “making sure that gem install json -v 1.8.2” works on the server (which it does) to wiping the server and starting again.

Also, if I want to retry the deploy using capistrano I get an error because the symbolic link for nginx is not setup, which means I then need to remove the “apps” directory in /home/deploy/ on my server. Once I have done that, attempting to deploy will once again render the json -v ‘1.8.2’ error.

I really do not know what to do. My gemfile works perfectly locally.

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2 answers

Trying installing libgmp3-dev in order to resolve this issue on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

On your droplet:

$ sudo apt-get install libgmp3-dev

Once that’s installed, install the latest version of the json gem:

$ gem install json

If you run rbenv global 2.4.0, gem JSON have issues with 2.4.0. Try to downgrade to 2.3.1:
rbenv install 2.3.1
rbenv global 2.3.1
ruby -v

& remember to update your capfile to: set :rbenv_ruby, '2.3.1'