How do I fully restore my site from a snapshot?

February 5, 2014 3.7k views
I have a wordpress/nginx site on a droplet that I didn't set up with automated backups. I needed to have automated backups, so I shutdown the droplet, and took a snapshot. I then created a new droplet from that snapshot. The droplet the snapshot came from has a functioning wordpress site on it. I visited the IP of the new droplet, and all I see is the 'Welcome to ngingx!' page. I looked around on the server, checked the directories, and all the configuration files (that I can remember creating or changing) are there, and correct. I checked that nginx, wordpress, and php were installed. I restarted nginx, wordpress, and php. Still, the default nginx page persists. I am stumped.
1 Answer
Can you pastebin nginx's virtualhosts?
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