How do I get 2 domains to point to my VPS

May 23, 2014 1.8k views
Hello, I have a VPS with zPanel installed, and there is already a domain hosted there. I have another domain that I need it to point to the same place as the first domain. I've added the domain in digitalocean settings and changed the DNS for for the new domain to NS1/NS2/NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM, but still no luck! I've added the domain as parked domain in zPanel too. Is there anything else I need to do since the domain still not working? Thank you.
3 Answers
After you change the DNS to NS1/NS2/NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM you still need to add the domain to the DO DNS panel and then create an A record to point the domain to the droplet IP.
can you please explain?
I'm very new to this stuff (3 days only)

Thank you.
It's working now :D

Thanks a lot :D
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