How do I get wordpress to work with gmail?

August 10, 2015 1.4k views
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Hey guys, I’ve tried countless tutorials so far with no success.
I’m trying to understand how this all works. I have 2 domains. First domain(hosted outside DO) uses google apps to send and receive emails and the other one(hosted on DO) does not have any emails.

On my other host I have all MX correctly filled and everything is working as expected when sending or receiving emails.

On DO, this new domain will host a wordpress blog and I want it to use the to send or receive emails. ( I don’t want to pay extra $5 to google just for the blog). I don’t know if this structure is doable or not.

Anyway, if it is doable? How should I configure my mx records and stuff?

From what I gathered from other topics, I need something called sendmail? Other tutorials assume this is installed by default but I’m running ubuntu 14.04 and I don’t have it installed.

Any tutorials for a completely email config dumb person?

1 Answer

Hi Fernando,

If your WordPress app sends less than 400 emails a day, rather than using Gmail you could use SendGrid’s free plan to send all of the emails. SendGrid even has a WordPress plugin. Here’s a tutorial for configuring WordPress to send email through SendGrid.

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