How do I go about making a subdomain appear to be a subfolder?

August 2, 2017 1.5k views

I’m trying to find out how to make a subdomain appear as a subfolder ie:

if I have -

but I want to browse to -

to find it rather than have it available at

also - how would I work this with SSL?

should I add to the certificate? or would it be covered under

Thanks for any pointers!


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hansen August 2, 2017
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Hi @bigjohnny

Are you using Apache or Nginx?

If you don’t want to use anymore, then you can setup redirects to
And then you only need to add HTTPS to since you’re not going to actively use

  • Hi @hansen I’m using Nginx..

    I haven’t even set it up yet, so I am not using at all, but deploying with dokku I think its easiest to deploy the app to that subdomain.

    Thanks for the advice, redirecting seems like a pretty easy option as well,



    • @bigjohnny

      I would recommend that you set it up like it should work. So take advantage of Nginx’s simple configuration structure and use the location /forum/ { ... } for the Dokku app instead of it’s own server { ... } block.

      • OK - not sure how I’d do that but will look into it and give it a try



        • @bigjohnny

          When you got some configuration to show, then post it here if you want help.
          It’s almost the same configuration - just instead of having the entire server block you would only use the location and specific proxies/etc for that location.

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