How do I host a conventional page using nginx alongside the Ghost 0.5.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 Droplet

Posted October 25, 2014 2.4k views

I’ve used the Ghost 0.5.2 on 14.04 Droplet to get a Ghost blog running, and everything is working well. I had previously set up on a different Droplet a LAMP stack and had successfully installed things like TT-RSS.

I’m looking to now do the same on the Ghost 0.5.2 on 14.04 Droplet - and I believe it has something to do with nginx server blocks? But even if I try to set up a test in sites-available and navigate to a test IP/test/index.html the Ghost installation still catches it and displays the Ghost 404.

Pretty sure I’m missing something basic - or am misunderstanding the nginx server block system. I found some guides in the /etc/nginx/sites-available/default file and have been reading through them.

Is this at least the correct direction?

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You can set up multiple apps on your Ghost by creating a server block for each app/site: How To Set Up Nginx Server Blocks (Virtual Hosts) on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS | DigitalOcean.

You’ll probably need to install php and MySQL for TT-RSS: How To Install Linux, nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP) stack on Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean.

by Justin Ellingwood
A LEMP stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP) is a powerful set of software that can be configured to serve dynamic sites and web apps from your server. In this guide, we will discuss how to install a LEMP stack on an Ubuntu 14.04 server.
  • Thanks kamaln7, I saw that tutorial - but it appears to be for assigning a separate domain to each server block. I was hoping to be able to do it like so: - Ghost blog - non-Ghost service - another non-Ghost service

    But, I guess I could just set it up as subdomains using that tutorial: - Ghost blog - non-Ghost service - another non-Ghost service