How do I import a Wordpress database?

April 8, 2018 4.5k views
WordPress LEMP Ubuntu 16.04

I have downloaded a database from an existing Wordpress installation from another server. I would now like to import the database into a new Wordpress installation in my droplet.

I have uploaded the file to: /var/www/website/_downloads/

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

2 Answers

If you are installing the database through the terminal;

  1. open the console and use the interactive MySQL mode

use <name_of_database>;

source <path_of_.sql>

first take the backup of wordpress database from another server using below command

mysqldump -u root -p databasename > database.sql #it will create file database.sql in current directory.

Not copy that file to new server and use below command to import the database.

mysql -u root -p databasename < database.sql

you can also unzip the /var/www/website/_downloads/ file and directly import using below command.

mysql -u root -p database name < /var/www/website/_downloads/database.sql

provide the root password to complete import.

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