How do I install Shiny server?

October 31, 2014 2.7k views

I'd like to install Shiny Server (https://github.com/rstudio/shiny) on a Digital Ocean droplet. How would I go about doing this?

2 Answers

To install the stable version from CRAN, simply run the following from an R console:


There is now a tutorial (written by me) on DigitalOcean about how to set up Shiny Server

[Shiny](http://shiny.rstudio.com/) is an R package that allows users to convert R code into an interactive webpage. [Shiny server](http://www.rstudio.com/products/shiny/shiny-server/) is a server provided by RStudio that can be used to host and manage Shiny applications on the web. Other than hosting Shiny applications, Shiny Server can also host [interactive R markdown documents](http://rmarkdown.rstudio.com/). In this guide, we will learn how to set up the open source Shiny Server on a Dig
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