How do I install Source-Fabric Booktype on Amazon Web services (AWS)

December 6, 2015 2k views
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Hi All

I would like to know if anyone has tried to install Sourcefabric Booktype on Amazon Web Services and if there is a script to install the platform available.

2 Answers

We just published an article about how to accomplish this on DigitalOcean, and we hope this helps:


  • I’ve been trying to install booktype on my droplet and having real issues, any idea where I can go for help?

    Also, I went through the tutorial without error when I go to the site, there are errors

Hi Kofi,

For specialist Booktype support please post in the forum at

There have been some updates to requirements recently which might fix the errors you have encountered. See for example

Please do a git pull to update your copy and try again. Let us know if it doesn’t work, and if not, what the errors are.



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