How do I protect a droplet from accidental deletion?

July 7, 2015 2.4k views

I have one main production droplet, and also create short-lived droplets for testing and development. I’m always very paranoid that I’ll accidentally brain-fart and delete my production droplet, causing Bad Problems For My Business. Yes, we have backups, but I sure don’t need a few hours of downtime while I get things spun up and working again.

Is there any way to mark a droplet as permanent, so I need to do some kind of extra step before blowing it away?

Even if I needed to power off a droplet before deleting, that would help, as our network monitoring systems would raise hell as soon as I did that, and hopefully I would notice before doing the irreversible delete operation.

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    That’s not a possibility, but I always read the host name 5-6 times at a minimum before deleting for this same fear.

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Hi! This is not possible currently. Please vote for it on our UserVoice suggestions board here:

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