How do I purchased Plesk or WHMC License with best rates

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I need some information I am setting up VPS need following information.
01 What is the hardware requirement
02 Where do i purchased Plesk OR WHMC
03 If I purchased WHMC do i get Cpanel for individual domain or I need to buy it Cpanel seprately.
04 Rates showing on Plesk for Webhost Editon is $42 per month which is expensive to me considering I have only 3, 4 domains.

We have node projects So Shared hosing will not work for me so we decided to go with vps but the panel costing is too high for small companies can anyone suggest where to get it at best rates.

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Both Plesk and cPanel images available on DigitaIOcean MarketPlace has no minimum hardware requirements. You can choose the minimal $5 plan to start with but the performance of your VPS will largely depend on the available resources.   It’s greatly dependent on the applications the site runs on, the number of visitors it receives, and the activity pattern of those users.

On DigitalOcean it’s always possible to increase the size of your Droplet!  This means you can start small and monitor your usage.  For example if you need more RAM at a point, you can simply resize RAM and CPU only(Reversible). If you require more disk, you can go ahead with full resize(Not possible to downgrade).

You can buy licenses at your own choice either from the official channels or a license reseller.

Based on your use case, Webhost Editon of Plesk won’t be the right fit for you. You can explore “WEB ADMIN EDITION” which allows up-to 10 domains.


If you buy a WHM license, you can create as many cPanel accounts based on your need. There are no limitations and additional licenses are not required.


Additionally you can also explore OpenSource Control Panels like: CyberPanel(Available on Marketplace), TinyCP, VestaCP etc.

Hi - all, this is Lukas@Plesk.

First of all, Plesk on DigitalOcean is a special license (fully functional, with some limitation) - but a permanent one. It is best to check for details.

Also important: in case you decided to upgrade your license on DigitalOcean to either Web Pro oder Web Host edition of Plesk - the VPS pricing applies, not the dedicated price. So either 15$/month or 25$/month - or with some additional discount when you buy it annually.

In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us over or me personally over and I’ll forward your request to the right team.

thank you


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