How do I push from Github to my NodeJS droplet?

July 9, 2019 106 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu 18.04

Is there an easy guide on setting up continuous integration with Github for the NodeJS droplet in Digital Ocean?

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If you would like to use CI/CD with Github you could look into Jenkins and automate your deployment. Here's a guide on how to set that up:

Or you could look into GitLab as it comes with a builtin CI/CD pipelines:

Hope that this helps!

by Justin Ellingwood
Jenkins is an open source automation server intended to automate repetitive technical tasks involved in the continuous integration and delivery of software. With a robust ecosystem of plugins and broad support, Jenkins can handle a diverse set of workloads to build, test, and...
  • I was hoping it would be a little simpler, similar to how you can set it up through the UI on heroku. Thanks!

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