How do I run a source as service?

October 19, 2014 1.2k views

Hi guys,

I've recently compiled Icecast-KH on my Ubuntu box. However I want it to run as a service... Like you can do with icecast when you isntall via apt-get:

I can restart Icecast when installed via apt-get by typing
service icecast2 restart

Can I somehow get this working with the Icecast-KH build I built from source?

1 Answer

Writing services with upstart is pretty easy, check out The Upstart Event System: What It Is And How To Use It | DigitalOcean.

by Yasin Soliman
Use Upstart for modern, full-coverage initialization. This tutorial explains the concepts behind initialization and provides two practical examples of initialization jobs with Upstart.
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