How do I save multiple ssh keys each associated with separate digital ocean accounts?

January 19, 2015 2.5k views


I’m new to Digital Ocean and SSH and ran into a problem when I tried to save a newly generated SSH key meant for business use on my computer. I already have one SSH key meant for personal use stored on my computer and when I tried saving the second SSH key into a separate file in the .ssh folder it wouldn’t do the job.

Any suggestions on how to overtake this?


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If you read this tutorial carefully:

You’ll see that you can save separate user account details in Putty.

I create a directory for each user on my local drive and save the private key for the user in their directory.

by Pablo Carranza
This tutorial runs through creating SSH keys with PuTTY to connect to your virtual server.

I don’t use windows but thanks anyway :)

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