How do I set subdomain with Vesta?

June 23, 2015 3.6k views
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I have installed Vesta CP on my droplet (Ubuntu 14.04). I have also gotten my site working at the main domain – let's call it

I'd like to set up a separate web site at and use the same Vesta installation as the control panel for both.

Here are my current configs:

In my domain registrar (, I have the nameservers set to Digital Oceans' (,,

In Digital Ocean, under DNS, I have there. Opening its details shows this:
A @ (droplet's IP address)

In Vesta, under DNS, I have added, and also added an A Record for as part of's records. For its IP, I put the droplet's IP.

Still in Vesta, under Web, I have added and as separate web sites.

In my web browser, I am able to reach but not Same for FTP – works but not

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Also, should I be adding the subdomain A Record in Vesta's DNS section or in Digital Ocean's DNS section? Which one takes precedence, or how do I know which one is being used?

Much thanks in advance!

1 Answer

For this, you should be using DigitalOcean's DNS exclusively, and setting up your subdomain there as well.

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