How do I set the PTR for a Floating IP?

October 20, 2015 3.7k views

How do I set the PTR record for a Floating IP?

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Come on, this can't be hard. Reverse lookup of a floating IP is important.

Unfortunately PTR records are not currently supported for Floating IPs.

I too would like to see this, as others have said having a reverse lookup of the IP is important, especially when sending emails.


I'm running a couple of mail servers and I REALLY need this feature!

PTR Needed for floating IPs attached to a MX machine.

This is available from other cloud providers.

A bit of a problem for us that there isn't any way to do this with DO...


It seems Gmail is no longer accepting emails from a server without a valid PTR, which you cannot get with a floating ip at DigitalOcean, so you either have a PTR or have the failback options offered by the floating ip, but not both. What a shame.

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