How do I set the PTR for a Floating IP?

Posted October 20, 2015 20.8k views

How do I set the PTR record for a Floating IP?


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I cannot use this service for our legitimate email servers without floating IP + reverse DNS. It seems that, in order to block spammers, you are also blocking legitimate businesses. The right thing to do would be to find another way to block spammers.

I have been fighting spammers for 15 years. Cloud computing was a godsend for them. The latest tactic is to spin up a few servers, send out a bunch of spam on fresh IPs, then make them disappear. I’ve been fighting one spammer for 10 months who has used over 300 ranges of IPs and counting. This tactic you have of not allowing reverse DNS for floating IPs is not stopping a spammer that uses IPs for one day. It is stopping legitimate businesses that want to establish a long term reputation of credibility on a certain IP, something that spammers do not want to do. You are hurting and not helping.

Come on, this can’t be hard. Reverse lookup of a floating IP is important.

Where is Digital Ocean????
An ETA or a work around would be the least to do for something that is asked/needed so much.

+111 - We stopped receiving email. Why - cause we were blacklisted as our floating IP / DNS record did not match sending servers IP. Floating IP useless!



I really don’t like obscenities in public conversations, but vagkaefer has a point.


Just keeping this thread going in the hopes it it get picked up


Hey friends!

Just wanted to weigh in on this a bit. Currently adding and removing a floating IP from your account is difficult for us to track. This means that allowing SMTP would benefit spammers greatly, further hurting the function for legitimate customers. That isn’t your problem of course, but it is meant to show the depth of work that must be done around this before we could consider unblocking SMTP, which is the function that drives the need for a PTR record. Dealing with the use of our network by spammers continues to be a daily fight.

Please know that we do read your feedback and we do use it to inform our discussions around changes to the platform. While we make no promises, your feedback does serve a function and it is to advocate for the change that you request.

Always keep the feedback coming, we are continually thankful for it <3


It is important to activate this service. Possibility to add a hostname in any floating ip

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