How do I set up a SSH backup destination that points to my local Windows Server?

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I am trying to add a backup destination in my Droplet (Ubuntu 16.08) CyberPanel that points to my local Windows server. I have setup an SSH server on the local Windows Server and created a ‘root’ user. I have tested the SSH access using Putty from another remote machine into the Windows Server, and this works perfectly using the root login.
When I try to add a Backup Destination in Cyber Panel, I get the error:

Cannot add destination. Error message: # Host found: line 1 /root/.ssh/knownhosts updated. Original contents retained as /root/.ssh/knownhosts.old TIMEOUT [sendKey]

What am I doing wrong?

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I was going to ask if you have a static IP but seems you have worked out that home server issue.

That error reads like the host fingerprint of you local machine has changed and ssh is preventing a man in the middle attack. You can clear the line from that know hosts file.

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  • Hi Simon, thanks for the quick answer!

    Yes, I have a static IP - no problem there.

    I can’t locate the knownhosts file on the Windows server - there’s no .ssh folder either. I can see knownhosts in the source server (Ubuntu) but clearing the data from the Ubuntu known_hosts does not help.

    • Yeah know hosts is a client server process. What does running ssh with full vebous debugging say?

      ssh -vvv
      • Connecting via cmd line in the Ubuntu Droplet connects perfectly.
        It’s the Cyber Panel backup destination setup that fails.

        How can I send you the verbose logging?

Hi @ajdunne ,

To be honest, we’re familiar with CyberPanel but windows server. And there’s no windows server nearby that we can test for it. If you can submit the issue to with this post link appended, then our engineers can take a further look.


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