how do I set up back up for my site

July 18, 2019 109 views

Please make contact as I am spending money with Digital Ocean but recweiving no support. I want to know if my site is backed up - if not how do I put this function in place

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Hi Chris,

you can directly see if you have backups enabled in your management console.

  1. Go to Droplets in the right Menu
  2. Select you Droplet from the list
  3. Select Backups on the greyish menu in the middle right
  4. You should see now if backups are enabled for that droplet

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

an I just throw out there that All-In-One WP Migration is a GREAT plugin for Wordpress site backup. I actually sprung for the paid version as it has unlimited size backups.

It's also great if you ever sell your site or want to move hosting. Literally just export your site from within your Dashboard, and store/transfer the file.

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