How do I set up email server on my droplet? my domain name is from GoDaddy.

August 21, 2019 449 views
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I have seen so many reference articles but did not find any perfect solution. I want to set email server on my droplet and user should create email address having domain name. I have not installed any cPanel. My linux droplet has ubuntu 14.04 version.

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Hi @Dhamu,

If you plan to let clients set/configure their own e-mail accounts, you’ll need a GUI. What I’ll suggest as a free control panel on Ubuntu is ISPConfig.

You can configure it anyway you want and it’s free. Having said that, if your droplet is new, I’ll urge you to use a newer version of Ubuntu than 14.04. 14.04 has been out of support for some time and most new systems do not support it.

Kind regards,
Kalin D.

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