How do I set up reverse DNS for my IP?

Posted October 6, 2012 80.5k views
Can I do this manually or do I have to submit a support ticket for this?

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[SOLVED] I have successfully solved this issue. This what I do

Clidk droplet -> your droplet name -> Setting -> Rename
Rename your host to "domain.tld"
important thing is ----> we MUST WAIT for DNS update.

I just renamed my droplet to FQDN, e.g. and now it works, i guess:
~$ host domain name pointer
Reverse DNS is automatically configured for your IPs based on the hostname that you provide for your virtual server.

Thanks, changed the dns of my customer and forgot to change the name of the droplet. All the best from France !

hostname that we provide in as in running hostname in linux or the name of the droplet?

The name of the droplet during creation.
This doesn't seem to work.

willem@navelpluis:~$ host
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Ditto, not working for myself either.
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
Are you going to fix this? That's the only thing that prevent me to use your hosting.
was this suppose to be fixed? Mine comes back not found.
Please open up a ticket if you're still experiencing this problem. Thank you!
I have rename my droplet to FQDN, e.g. , it still not working.
I am sure that this is not a bug, but maybe we need more detail explanation how to do it.

yet this solution is not working. How long it takes to update the dns? Thx.
@gigliozzi: What's the IP address?
I need clarify how this works - if I name my droplet example.tld (even if I don't have or, etc pointing to it) this will enable reverse DNS after it propagates?
@Jason: Yes, however it would be an "invalid" PTR/rDNS record since it doesn't point back to the droplet.
How do I check if the reverse DNS is set up?
@migmarshall: You can use to query your IP for a PTR record.


DigitalOcean automatically configures the reverse dns entry (PTR) on their end. It will be the hostname you choose when you set up your dropplet. You can change/check this in the control panel by selecting your dropplet, then settings, then rename. As it says, changing the name there will update the PTR but not the hostname of the system, that is something you will need to do, instructions for that vary depending on the system you have installed.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


  • I’m trying to set up Reverse DNS on my droplet. You say “by selecting your dropplet, then settings, then rename”, but there’s no “settings” visible when I go to my droplet. There is a “settings” for the overall project, but there’s no “rename” option there.
    Where do I rename the droplet?

What happens if I have a server that’s serving mail for multiple domains? It would be easy enough to rename it to the server that I handle the most mail for, but if I rename the server to is there a way I can also have a reverse DNS entry for and Or do I have to set the last two up so the SMTP server for all three is

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