How do I setup a reverse hostname?

August 31, 2014 7.9k views

When I send an email (using sendmail) from the command line to my email account I get this in the response:
450 4.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your reverse hostname,

3 Answers

The reverse hostname is the droplet name. So if you name your droplet you get a PTR record of

If you already created your droplet simply rename it in the control panel under settings.

your sendmail config should also use this same name.

  • Does it make a difference that I’m not using Digital Ocean’s name servers? Currently I’m using Hover’s name servers.

  • No, doesn’t matter reverse ip dns is handled by DO. You can leave your nameservers set at Hover.

  • Where in sendmail config do you mean?

    I can email successfully to my Gmail address, but my Hover address rejects it.

    Also if I type my Droplet’s IP address into this tool it says that no PTR record exists.

  • Can’t really advise you on sendmail. I haven’t touched a sendmail setup since 2003.

    It may take a few hours for the name change to propagate out.

    I would just hold off until reverse dns resloves.

  • It’s working now (just waited). Thanks.

i have the same problem ! i renamed my PTR as , and the reverse dont exists , is in digitalocean any tutorial to setup reverse domain /


i have the same problema,
is in faq digitalocean any tutorial to setup reverse domain ?

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