How do I transfer ownership of a droplet?

Posted January 23, 2014 23.7k views
I'm going to set up a droplet for a client. I'd like to set it up, manage it for a while, then ultimately transfer ownership to the client. How do I do that? Conversely, if they could create one and then give me console access to (in my management console), that would be mostly equivalent. Thanks!
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What happens to public IP when we transfer the snapshot?

What you can do in this case is create the server, customize it to be the way your client needs, and then, once you are done, snapshot the droplet.

After you have a snapshot of your server, you can open up a support ticket, requesting the snapshot be transferred to your client's DigitalOcean account. Your client will need to open up a ticket as well, requesting that the snapshot be transferred into their account from yours.

Once both tickets have been sent in to support, they will transfer the snapshot between accounts, and the client will be able to spin up a new, set up server, from the snapshot you sent.

Can I transfer my Snapshot to another user?

Yes. Under the Images page in the Control Panel, the “Snapshots” section shows each image created using DigitalOcean’s manual snapshot feature.


Simply select the transfer snapshot icon and enter the email address of the recipient. Upon clicking the transfer button, the sender will notice the icon turn blue, indicating that the snapshot is mid-transfer. When the user on the receiving end accepts, the sender will no longer have access to the image.


As the receiver, you will have a new section on the Images page titled Pending Snapshot Transfer Requests. Here you’ll be able to accept or decline the transfer request. If approved, the snapshot will disappear from the original user’s account, as well as be added to your list of Snapshots where you’ll have full control over the image.

One answer is build it on the client’s account, if that’s tenable for how business is conducted.

Another thing to consider in the future is to create provisioning for your VM using something like ansible.