How do I unlock my new account?

August 1, 2017 2.2k views
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After i created my account and paid thru paypal my account gets locked. I did get a receipt that my payment was succesful. I have already complied with the ticket but still my account is locked.

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Reply to the ticket and wait.

Hi @johndvera13

You need to create a ticket via Support in the control panel or use this form:

It can take up to 24 hours to complete the verification process once you’ve submitted the right documents.

  • they have already replied to the ticket and i have send the right documents about 7 hours ago.. its been 17 hours since i got locked.

    • @johndvera13

      If you complied 7 hours ago, then you have to wait up to 17 hours more, since that’s your time period - not when the account got locked, since that process is automatically.

ok got it.. i thought that the after that i got locked thats the time that i have to wait 24 hours. thanks

  • @johndvera13

    No, since it might take multiple days for you to comply with the verification requirements.
    The time starts, when they have something to work with - not before that.

    • its been24 hours now since they have replied to my ticket and i have submitted my picture but still my acount is locked.

      • @johndvera13

        Well, we cannot help you here, since we’re just other users. And please remember the timezones - so sometimes it takes a little longer.

        When you say, you submitted a picture - I hope you mean a photo of a governmental identification like a driver license or password.
        If your photo doesn’t comply with what they’re requesting, then it might take a little extra to help you.

thanks. hope my account gets unlocked later.

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