June 6, 2014 8.3k views
I need to upload my website to Digitalocean. Now I have my dns changed to another page that link to Digitalocean. I have to do now?
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The best way to deploy web sites is a question that many developers have faced. Can I ask for some more specifics on your use case? What is your local development environment? Are you on Windows? If you are looking for graphical interface to upload files to your server, I'd suggest you take a look at Filezilla:
by Pablo Carranza
This article will teach you how to use Filezilla to transfer and manage files securely on your VPS.
If you know what environment you're looking for, the tutorials in this community are a great place to start. There are tutorials for nginx, apache, different stacks, nodejs, etc. And a helpful search bar :)

Andrew, about deploying, I'm trying to deploy NodeJS and nginx, and you seemed to be skilled in this field based on your comments.
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