How do the domains work?

August 7, 2018 96 views
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I don't understand how the domains work, I mean, if I want to add a domain I just have to introduce the domain name. Then can I add any domain I want? Can I make that redirects to my website?

I suppose that is a silly question but I don't really get it.


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lampreyOne August 7, 2018
Accepted Answer

When you register a domain with a company like GoDaddy or Namecheap, they put a list of "Nameservers" in a database for you. Anyone asking where your domain is ultimately hits that authoritative database that then delegates to your own nameservers which report on the domain's IP.

If you want to use Digital Ocean's nameservers, you tell GoDaddy to point your domain at DO's nameservers, and then tell DO what IP each domain resolves to.

You could tell DO that resolves to your IP, but nobody is going to ask Digital Ocean what's IP is.

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