How do you migrate from another VPS to DO?

Posted February 22, 2013 22k views
I am using another VPS provider with 10+ domains, mainly running WordPress. What's your strategy of moving 10+ WordPress sites to DO?

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@daniel: We have an article on migrating to DigitalOcean from a different VPS provider:

Please let me know if that helps.
by Justin Ellingwood
This tutorial covers how to migrate your data and website off of a different VPS provider to DigitalOcean. The basic procedures are the same regardless of where you are migrating from. We discuss some strategies for maintaining data integrity and creating a similar operating environment on a new VPS instance.
The first thing you will need to do is setup your Digital Ocean database server and make it a slave to your existing server so that it can stay up-to-date. Then you will need to do a soft copy of your wordpress files to your new web server(s), you can do that using rsync & ssh. Then just replicate your existing network setup.

You can do testing of your domains by changing your hosts file and tell it to use your new digital ocean server setup before you change your nameserver settings.
Are you using a CP (i.e. cPanel, DA, Plesk, etc) or a barebones system?

If you're using a CP, it'll most likely be faster and less hassle to perform the migrations using the GUI. If you're using a barebones system, RSYNC or SCP works well. Ideally you'd want to dump your databases using mysqldump and then restore them on the new server, though if you do a mysqldump beforehand, you can use RSYNC or SCP to copy over the databases with the files.

Alternatively, if they're relatively small sites, you could simply GZIP the directories, copy the file over to the new server, decompress and then move the databases over. It really depends on the size of the sites.

There are also quite a few plugins that can aid in moving your WordPress sites from one server to the next. One that comes to mind instantly is BackWPup.
Can't you just create an image of your current server and restore it on DigitalOcean? Isn't that possible? That's what I was thinking to do with my Linode account when migrating. I should have it automated via Puppet, but I don't... And I also have a complex environment setup, with Ruby, Nginx and a bunch of stuff. No point to do it all over again.
Do you have access to download a full image of your server from the old provider?
I ended up:

- Create DNS records on DigitalOcean
- mysqldump and zip databases on old VPS
- scp database dumps and sites files from old VPS to DO
- restore databases on DO
- update wp-config.php (if applicable)
- update name servers on domain registrar
Please, anyone has a tutorial in form of a video to help a newbie go through this process? I think video tutorial could better help because I have up to 10 sites as well on HostGator's site and would love to move them here but I do not know how. This is my first time of trying cloud hosting feature. Thanks as I expect your responses

If you use webmin, I believe it has a backup/restore feature that you can use.
Otherwise you can connect using SCP and just transfer all the files/folders over.
Most of the VPS provider give you that, seo host etc company should ask then first and the process is also not very complicated rather than using backup protocol and transfer using filezilla and some other software that available in market