How do you run PsyBNC with SSL on a DO VPS...?

November 14, 2015 4.5k views


I'm having trouble getting PsyBNC working with ssl. It seems to compile with SSL, but when I set:


I just get this:

Listening on: port 0
Listening on: * port 0

Has anyone got PsyBNC running on a DO VPS w/ SSL?


  • nowadays people use shout or znc (closer to psybnc, and its still updated and patched)

  • Thanks Wiak.

    Does Shout have multi-network support?

  • @elre

    You can find a demo of Shout at the URI below:

    It does allow users to connect to the network of their choosing and it's actually really nice as well as very clean.

  • @jtittle Sadly shout isn't a BNC as for what @elre is looking for. Shout will disconnect you when you close the tab (I want to use it to connect to my ZNC when I am not on one of my computers but sadly you can't restrict networks).

  • @Zachary_DuBois

    It provides one of the nicest GUI's I've seen (I'm a sucker for aesthetics :-)). IIRC, there are NodeJS packages that can be installed via npm to background the process / server, thus allowing it to remain active indefinitely. With a little NodeJS magic, I'm sure something could be configured to allow the process / server to run + allow an incoming connection.

    The pm2 (link) package would be able to handle all things persistent while allowing plenty of configuration options. Beyond that, a bit of custom code would be needed to handle the rest, though it should be doable.

    That said, how to do it is something I'd have to research further as I only work with NodeJS / Javascript here and there.

  • @jtittle Well, Shout out of the box doesn't work like that :( I am a sucker for UI/UX too. But if it doesn't accomplish what I need, I use something else.
    I know about pm2 :) I use is for several Node.js things I have. It is very nice especially with memory management.
    My current IRC bouncer setup is ZNC + KiwiIRC (Self-hosted w/ network restriction). I only use KiwiIRC when I am not on a computer I own so I don't deal with the UI often.

2 Answers

I don't recommend the use of PsyBNC as it has been a long time since the last update (And looks abandon). If you are looking for a general BNC, I recommend ZNC as it is updated frequently and contains a ton of features.

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