How do you size the digital ocean droplet console?

September 8, 2014 4.9k views

How do you size the digital ocean droplet console? It's an awkward size compared to the desktop size it's trying to display and it's very hard to scroll. Can I make it full screen or size it differently or something? I'll keep on trying to figure out how but so far nothing obvious is leaping out at me about how to do that.

  • I would find it difficult to believe that I'm the first person to wonder about this.

  • Never used it till now.. Used Putty from my desktop :(

  • You're not the only one because I'm sitting here wondering the same thing. So far no luck.

  • anyone had solution for that ?

    previous I use older version Ubuntu got a nice smaller font console.
    now both latest Ubuntu & Debian shows horrible huge font. (even tried dpkg-reconfigura console-setup with different option without luck)

3 Answers

The console can't be resized. If you want to use full screen you can simply connect to your VPS with ssh and enter full screen from the application you are using.

  • Thanks Sianos. My question really genuinely was strictly related to the console provided and not to other means, which I'm sure we are all aware of. But appreciate the info about the first part.

I'll see if I can figure out how to log an incident with actual support. I'm sure many in the future will find it very useful.

To me, the digital ocean droplet console is an incredibly important asset / tool, allowing you to troubleshoot / manage your server even when you are away from your normal working computer (or when your normal working computer goes belly up, as they all do eventually, and you lose all your putty settings and have to recreate them all, as is always going to happen to all of us, and it's going to happen at the worst possible moment too eh?)

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