How do you update reverse dns?

January 16, 2013 12.8k views
In the DNS section it states: To update your PTR record please update your Droplet's hostname through the control panel I don't see any place to change the hostname of my droplet. Please advise. Thank you.
10 Answers
Nevermind. I found the rename link.
You just rename it to the DNS entry you want such as or whatever you want the rdns to resolve to.
Can their really only be one reverse dns setup per server?
@barry: Yes, since reverse dns is specific to an IP address and each droplet has only one IP address, there can be only one reverse dns entry per droplet.
OK, this has reassured me that there is a rename link, but i can't find it!
It's in the Settings tab.
So if I wanted to, could I rename my droplet, let's say "" and that would work? Obviously I wouldn't do that but I need to know if the name needs to match an existing domain that's pointing to the droplet?
That would work however that wouldn't affect at all. It's recommended that the hostname matches a domain name that's pointed to the droplet however it's optional.
Kamal. DNS fully allows for multiple PTR records for an IP. That DO only allows one is DO's particular programming
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