How does all the diskspace get used?

Posted July 21, 2013 3.5k views
I have an Ubuntu server set up with the following specs Active 512MB Ram 20GB SSD Disk New York 1 Ubuntu 12.04 x64 When I checked the available disk space, it says that I've already used 1.2 G. So far I've only installed Chef and Ruby (see here ) root@Chef3:/var/chef/cookbooks/main# df -h /var Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/vda 20G 1.2G 18G 6% / On another droplet, I've installed more packages (Ruby, Postgres database, nginx, unicorn and a Rails application) and when I check the diskspace, it also says that I've used the same amount. I find it funny that both droplets say i've used the same amount of diskspace when there are different packages installed and one has a Rails app on it etc

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What do you mean by "How does all the diskspace get used?"

On your New York 1 droplet, you have not used all the diskspace. It looks like you have 18.8 GB of diskspace left (20 GB minus 1.2 GB).
I think he may be referring to the diskspace used by the OS itself ?
@m73mitchell From what I've seen the base install is abou 1.1GB (OS and it's tools). The services you mention don't take that much space, maybe 100MB max total. For example postgres is only 12MB:

wyrihaximus@xps8500dev:~$ sudo aptitude show postgresql-9.1 | grep Uncompressed
Uncompressed Size: 11.7 M

P.S. If you run df without -h it shows the raw numbers instead of the rounded ones.
@pablo I didn't mean that all the diskspace has been used. I meant, how does all the diskspace that has been used get used? Anyways, the answer y Wyril-laximus has clarified the issue for me. Thanks