How does the GitHub $100 credit work?

December 18, 2014 5k views

I’m a student and applied for the GitHub student pack which apparently gives $100 in DO credit. How does this promotion work? The email I have registered on DO is not my student one, so I’m afraid the promotion will only work if I’m signed up using the same email as I applied for the promotion for.

Also, in the event that I’m just sent a promotional code and I can use that on any account, what’s the deal with only 1 promotional code working? I already used one when my friend referred me but I’d rather use the $100 credit if that’s the case.

2 Answers

The Github student developer pack was updated and now includes a $50 DigitalOcean credit for new accounts. Unfortunately we are not able to offer additional promotional credits to existing accounts but if you are working on a class project, open source project, or on something for a non-profit we are always happy to provide a seperate sponsorship. In those cases you can reach out to us at

For any questions or issues related to an email address that does not match, I would recommend reaching out to our support team who can help ensure the credit is applied.

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