How does the team feature work? Can I set a user for payments only with limited access to specific droplet.

January 6, 2017 3.4k views
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I am a freelance developer. I offer 2 pricing options, one higher cost for source code ownership and one lower cost for permissive use with code ownership with me. The reason I do this is the clients here in India expect lower prices, it's a growing market.
The issue is that in lower pay case I create a new hosting account with client username without sharing the credentials with him and make payments directly through my card/paypal via this account. I share the invoices to the client and he pays me back. I cannot give access to the account to the client as then he can access my code. So I want to know if its possible to use my own personal digital ocean account to create droplets, make the client account, add payment only access and give this client account credentials away to the client to pay for invoices. I'm also hoping there's a mechanism by which I can change the droplet owner in future as there has been a case where a client paid me the extra amount to get source code ownership after several months of developing in permissive use lower fee.

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You can learn more here.

You could create a new team account for each client and then invite your client into the account in the Billing role to give them access to pay without droplet access.

In general, if you are using ssh keys on your droplets, only a user with the ssh private key would be able to access your droplet's filesystem.

by Brennen Bearnes
Teams are now available from DigitalOcean! This feature enables you to invite multiple users to access and manage your resources, such as Droplets, without having to share your own login credentials or billing information with them. Teams are recommended for project leaders and business owners who want to share control of server infrastructure with trusted collaborators, such as developers and system administrators.
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