How easy is it to setup a web server on a VPS?

June 3, 2015 5.4k views
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Hello, I am a amateur web coder and I need to setup a web server to test my code as my laptop cannot handle a server. I was just inquiring as to how hard it is to actually setup a server on a VPS as I've never used one before. I have experience in setting up Minecraft and other game servers on Windows computers but never on a VPS. Will this be a extremely complicated process for someone as new as me?

2 Answers

its pretty easy, you can choose the lamp droplet image and it would work right out of the box

Ok, I see. How much RAM would a web server need? Also which operating system is linux exactly, Debian or Ubuntu?

  • Depending on your coding requirement the RAM usage would vary.

    Since its Cloud where you can reside your VPS on fly so start with the lowest USD 5 plan.

    Use the Ubuntu and LAMP image deployment (refer to the tutorial section, search) to create your test setup !!


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