how fast is DigitalOcean bandwith maximum speed ?

August 16, 2019 104 views

i am wondering how fast is DigitalOcean bandwith maximum speed ?
does every droplets different ? if anybody knows pls reply. Inbound and Outbound.

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Hi there @akamuzka,

If you take a look at the comment I’ve linked below, this has a list of all the data centers where we support speed tests from:

Hope that helps!
- Matt.

The question is usually where are the data centres located rather than how much bandwidth a single data centre provides.

If you are using very substantial bandwidth, AWS and Azure have pay-for options, but I find that if I have GSLB set up, then customers have an excellent experience if I can connect them to their nearest data centre.

I would recommend going for a company with lots of data centres to best support your customers. AWS give you 1 year free trial, and Azure has 1 month. They both have excellent data centre locations. As you scale, they have really good content delivery systems you can leverage.

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