How I get FTP login with Filezilla?

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I want login in my server with Filezilla. Where I get my credentials?

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Here you go :

Host: sftp://Your_IP
User: root (or your username)
Password: Your password

@nayara you save your Data here /var/www/html

We do not provide any droplet images with FTP running by default as it is an inherently insecure protocol. SFTP is running on all new droplets on port 22 and can be accessed with your root login credentials using Filezilla. When logging in as root you will start out in the /root directory but will have access to access any directory you require.

@nayara this depends on the Webserver you installed and the Operating System you use. I need more information to help you


Where do i get my username and password?

How I get FTP login with Filezilla?without update ssh key

How I get FTP detail
I am facing login issues independent of themes and plugins.

I am facing login issues independent of themes and plugins.

yes, I am also facing issues independent of themes and plugins. regards
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I am not able to login with the droplet details in FileZilla , Kindly take it into consideration Recruitment India

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I found this on my own journey here - I hope it helps:

General Takeaway : DON'T USE FTP, IT'S NOT SAFE!
There's a learning curve, but level up soldier!

by Pablo Carranza
This article will teach you how to use Filezilla to transfer and manage files securely on your VPS.

You can find it in welcome email. Sample is shown below :

  1. See in your welcome email :
Droplet Name:
IP Address: 206.189.XXX.YYY
Username: root
Password: 3298d828d37f322DDe8375ac9
  1. Be sure to change your droplet password.
  2. Open your any file transfer protocol tool and using your details you can easily login to the server.

Sample shown below :


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Hello Sir,

I am facing same issue with my website. i used root as username but i am getting error "Could not connect to server". Please help me with that my website is alpha click

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