How i Setup DigitalOcean and BitBucket SSH

June 17, 2015 18.3k views
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I´m having a problem to setup my droplet with git, I´m using bitbucket, and i´m trying to connect with SSH, I generate a SSH Key that I use to conect from my computer to the droplet. I Put the same key in the bitbucket site, but when I try to connect using ssh the output is Permission denied (publickey).

I follow this tutorial ( and i did not have success again.

Please, somebody can help me with this?
I Asked the Digital Ocean Support Too.

6 Answers

I hope my 'solution' helps somebody ...
I created a ssh key pair on my remote machine and added the public key to my github/bitbucket account. After that I was able to clone my repo with ssh.

try to clone over https - it worked for me.
git clone

Thanks I found a solution to clone with ssh! Its more simple than clone with https :)

Having the same problem now...
@plazari so what was the solution that worked for you?

@plazari I'm having trouble as well. Can you share your solution?

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